Earn 5% Annual Yields

Short Term, Dynamic Growth in a SECURED PRODUCT

 How It Works 

  ❶ Private Lender
You lend money for 1-year, and receive 5% monthly interest payments. 

❷ Company  funds the real estate property loan, and receives payments from the owner. 

Real Estate Property
The property owner makes payments to the Company and you receive the first lien position as a security.  

Short term, dynamic growth in a SECURED PRODUCT 

• Short term of 1 year 

• Fixed annual yields of 5% 

• Immediate monthly payments

• Secured by commercial real estate

• Recorded first lien position    

Thinking Beyond the Traditional

Why settle for traditional annuities with long terms, hidden fees, and loss of liquidity, when you can choose alternative options that will provide you with the flexible financial future you deserve?     

First Position Commercial Mortgages Deliver Meaningful, Measurable Results  

  • Flexibility. One-year term to  maturity so you have easier access to your capital.
  • Security. Loans are protected by commercial real estate and a recorded, first lien position so you have more control.
  • Simplicity. During the one-year term, clients receive interest only payments with the return of principal upon maturity.
  • Reliability. Clients receive interest payments the first of every month, so you always know when to  expect your returns.

First Position Commercial Mortgages

You worked hard for your money. It’s time your money worked hard for you. A First Position Commercial Mortgage is a simple, safer, secured opportunity for you to achieve your financial objectives. This private third-party loan provides higher returns with shorter terms secured by commercial real estate. Private lenders—with expert guidance and insight from us—select a commercial mortgage in the inventory to serve as collateral for their private loan. They are recorded on title and acquire a first lien position on the mortgage. And every lender is paid monthly interest from the moment they partner at a fixed annual 5% return with a return of principal at the end of the one-year term.  

Choose the opportunity that is RIGHT FOR YOU  

Let us help you protect your retirement funds from market volatility. We succeed when you succeed. It’s that simple.  

We understand your needs and are here to work together to achieve them. For help with Investment Planning please give us a call at (650)200-8291 or (760)251-7724