Why Precious Metals?

Inside or Outside of a Retirement Plan, Tangible Assets Give You Ultimate Control and Portfolio Protection.  

You have insurance for your life, insurance for your home and even insurance for your car, but too many people overlook having insurance for their investments. We all know that the goal of any financial investment is to grow the buying power of your hard-earned dollar, but what happens if you place your bet on the wrong stock, bond or other investment?   

What if you could have insurance on your finances to protect you from losses, just like your other insurance does? The fact is, you can. Acquiring and holding physical precious metals allows you to do just that.  

 Investing in precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum and even palladium, can protect your portfolio from equity investment losses, safeguard your money from the long-term ravages of devaluation, shelter your assets from world economic crises and prepare you and your family for the years of inflation to come.  

You probably already understand the importance of diversifying your investments. In fact, that’s the #1 thing that our clients tell us attracted them to precious metals in the first place. What you may not realize, though, is that it’s not enough to just diversify INTO precious metals. To truly protect your assets, you must also diversify WITHIN your precious metals holdings and create a portfolio that is balanced and strong. Otherwise, you end up having all your eggs in one basket, which we all know is a bad idea, no matter what you’re investing in.  

The real goal of all of this is to create a metals portfolio that gives you the best opportunity for asset appreciation while protecting your money from volatility and major drops along the way.  

A Winning Strategy!

Making the Case for Diversification 

Diversification is an investment philosophy and strategy designed to manage overall risk. Assets are divided into “classes.” Two assets that respond in the same way to changes in the economic landscape are said to be “correlated.” Two assets that respond differently to changes in the economy are said to be “non-correlated.” Stocks and precious metals, for example, are two different asset classes, as they generally do not go up and down at the same time as each other. That’s why many investors have some of each in their financial portfolio and it’s one of the key reasons that many people turn to gold.  

Think about it! After more than 6,000 years have ticked off, gold remains the most stable, portable and universally recognized store of value ever known.  

Avoid These Costly Rookie Mistakes

Mistake #1: Buying only bullion gold coins instead of creating a balanced portfolio with Investment Grade Coins   

Mistake #2: Owning gold stocks or ETFs instead of physical metal   

Mistake #3: Investing the wrong amount  

The Bottom Line

You are doing the right thing to diversify INTO precious metals. But don’t forget to also diversify WITHIN precious metals, or you could be right back on the same roller coaster ride that you have no doubt experienced with your traditional investments.   

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