Legacy Plan

What is Legacy?

Legacy is a Financial Strategy that prepares a person to bequeath his or her assets to a loved one or a charity specified in a will or other plan.  

How can we help you accomplish life goals and gifting goals and simplify the process?

When you establish a Legacy Plan, you can establish a structured inheritance for your family without the upfront costs of setting up a trust.  

Legacy Plan provides simplified turn-key alternative to a charitable remainder trust, while providing similar tax benefits and the ability to generate immediate grants to support your charitable work, all while creating a fixed income payout for you and your family member. 

Integrating your charitable planning with your retirement income and estate planning can be the difference in helping you maximize your charitable contributions and tax benefits.  

No ongoing maintenance is required, such as filings or annual valuations as with trust. Your income will begin to you or your heirs on the date you select.     

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