Get out of debt

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Your family bank

Are you 100% sure you'll have a great retirement, or do you have some doubt?

What if we could show you how to be out of debt in 9 years or less including your mortgage without spending any additional dollars than you are spending right now?

For over a decade Your Family Bank has been a name client can trust. Their unique approach to financial education has always centered around families. We believe that financially strong homes today, lay the foundation to bright futures for tomorrow's generation.

YFB teaches a proven personal financial literacy program that is based on 7 steps that allow people to get immediate control of their spending, debt, savings, and taxation. We have a comprehensive financial management system that helps individuals and families effectively manage every aspect of their financial lives.

How YFB Can Help You Get Out of Debt

It's a simple phrase. More than that, it's a simple idea, yet the concept alludes tens of millions of American families each year. 

The Your Family Bank concept provides a solution for paying off debt, reducing taxes and increasing retirement savings using a safe, predictable product that provides guarantees. YFB can show you how to be free from lenders in 10 years or less, including your mortgage, without spending any additional dollars.

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· Reduce the volume of interest you are paying to lenders. 


· Get out of debt in half the time as your current schedule.

· Increase your cash-flow.


· Decrease your taxes.


· Save for college.


· Retire with tax-favored income.